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Conquering Your Spider Veins

Spider veins may not be harmful to your health, but they can impact your confidence. The good news is that sclerotherapy can quickly eliminate your unwanted spider veins. This video explains spider vein treatment.

Spider veins lie close to the surface of the skin, making them highly noticeable. However, with a single injection of a specially formulated solution, a sclerotherapy practitioner can rapidly remove these purplish veins. In many cases, spider vein treatment causes no complications, though some sclerotherapy recipients may have minor discomfort or tenderness at the treatment site.

Aurora Medical Spa in Des Peres can help you enjoy healthy and beautiful legs once again. To learn more about our sclerotherapy services, call (314) 315-4574.

Common Causes of Facial Redness

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How Quickly Does VelaShape Work?

Sometimes, diet and exercise aren’t enough to help you achieve the appearance you want. If you have cellulite on your body, healthy lifestyle habits may have little effect on it. That is why so many people have turned to VelaShape to address ...
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What Causes Facial Hair in Women and What You Can Do about It

Women might be used to coping with and managing hair growth on their legs, underarms, and even abdomen. However, many women might find it alarming to see thick or dark hair growth on their face. Laser hair removal is often an ideal way to address ...
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How Rosacea Symptoms Are Managed

Do you suffer from red bumps on your skin? If so, rosacea may be to blame. This video discusses how to effectively manage the common problem of rosacea. Rosacea can be frustrating and embarrassing for those with it. However, rosacea sufferers can ...
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