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A Brief Guide to Laser Vascular Therapy Treatment

Spider veins often develop on the legs, but many people notice them on their faces as well. No matter their location, though, spider veins can make it difficult to project the image you want. To remove their spider veins, many people undergo sclerotherapy, which uses injections to dissolve conspicuous spider veins. However, spider vein treatment is not limited only to this option. Laser vascular therapy can also eliminate spider veins and leave clients with beautifully clear and even skin.

Spider Vein Treatment

This innovative treatment alternative relies on laser energy to destroy spider veins, and many recipients need to undergo only a few treatment sessions to get noticeable results. This form of spider vein treatment typically produces little to no pain as well, making it both comfortable and convenient for those who get it. Moreover, clients can rest assured that laser vascular therapy causes no harm to nearby tissues.

Is laser vascular therapy right for you? To find out, call Aurora Medical Spa at (314) 315-4574. You can also visit our website to learn more about our cosmetic services for the residents of Ballwin, Kirkwood, and Des Peres.

Understanding Rosacea Symptoms

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Debunking Myths about Acne

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How Many Sessions Does Tattoo Removal Require?

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