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    What the Priori MD® Rejuvenating Facial Can Do for Your Skin

    Last updated 17 hours ago

    The medical spa provides plenty of facials and other skin treatments that help you look and feel your best. New advancements make it easier than ever to decrease the appearance of skin imperfections and enjoy a more youthful complexion. The Priori MD Rejuvenating Facial helps you get better looking skin in just seven days. Keep reading to find out how:

    Get Rid of Fine Lines
    Wrinkles and fine lines prematurely age the face. If you are starting to see a lot of these imperfections when you look in the mirror, this facial can help. In just under thirty minutes, you can start to reduce the appearance of these fine lines and wrinkles and be well on your way toward enjoying a more youthful appearance in just a week. Your skin will be refreshed and rejuvenated so you can feel confident about the way you look.

    Get Better Color and Texture
    Age spots, pigmentation, and textural issues like areas of softer skin can throw off the balance of your complexion. With the help of the Priori MD Rejuvenating Facial, though, you get decrease the appearance of age spots and pigmentation issues. You can also get better texture because of the facial’s superficial skin exfoliation.

    Get More Hydration
    Hydration is essential for healthy-looking skin. When you get this facial, it helps you get better hydration in the long run so you can maintain the positive results you get after the treatment. Without as many fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and texture issues and with better hydration, your skin will look clearer and more beautiful for a much longer period of time.

    Come to Aurora Medical Spa to see what the Priori MD Rejuvenating Facial can do for your skin. We also offer JUVÉDERM, laser hair removal, and Botox. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, visit us online or call (314) 315-4574.

    Reasons to Choose RADIESSE® Over Other Filters

    Last updated 6 days ago

    Dermal fillers can reverse the signs of aging and restore the beautiful, youthful complexion that you remember. If you are considering a visit to the medical spa to get a dermal filler injection, keep reading to find out why you should choose RADIESSE over other filler options like JUVÉDERM:

    It Restores Volume
    When the body ages, it loses volume in the skin that can lead to sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles. These imperfections make a person look much older than they are. The beauty of RADIESSE is that it restores this volume and adds plumpness to the skin that helps you look more like yourself. It also encourages the body to start producing more collagen, which can give you long-lasting results and younger-looking skin.

    It Brings Real Results
    Clinical studies have proven that patients enjoy the results they see from RADIESSE more than the ones they get from other dermal fillers. Many patients do not need to use as much of this product as they do others to get the results that they want. In fact, some people need 30 percent less RADIESSE than other fillers to enjoy healthier, younger-looking skin.

    It Works Right Away
    Unlike other anti-aging treatments, RADIESSE starts to work as soon as it is injected. A lot of people continue to see these results for up to a year. If you have fine lines or wrinkles on your face, this could be the exact treatment option that you need to smooth out the signs of aging and return to a more youthful complexion.

    At Aurora Medical Spa, we bring you the skin treatments that you need to fix your imperfections and help you get more beautiful skin. Whether you want to try RADIESSE or another one of our skin treatments, our staff is here to help you look and feel your best. To learn more about our products and services, visit us online or call (314) 315-4574.

    Learn About Varicose Vein Treatment

    Last updated 7 days ago

    If you have spider or varicose veins, foam sclerotherapy can help you get rid of them for good. This effective vein treatment gives you the results you want right in front of your eyes.

    Check out this video to see how well foam sclerotherapy can get rid of these unsightly veins that destroy the aesthetics of your legs. In one quick trip to the medical spa, you can finally say goodbye to those veins and feel better about the way you look.

    Aurora Medical Spa offers treatments like sclerotherapy to help you get the best results. From vein treatments to laser hair removal, we make it easy to boost confidence. To learn more about this and other services, visit us online or call (314) 315-4574.

    The Basics of a Tattoo Removal

    Last updated 12 days ago

    Sometimes a snap decision that you made during one period of your life can haunt you in your later years. Thanks to new advancements in laser technology, tattoos no longer need to be as permanent as they once were. If you have some ink that is no longer relevant, sign up for this treatment at the medical spa. Keep reading to learn more about the treatment and what it entails:

    What It Does
    When you get a tattoo removal, the experts at the medical spa use lasers to distribute the ink of your tattoo. The lasers use focused energy to actually break up the ink enough so your body’s immune system can eventually carry it away from the original location. You must go in for repeated treatments in order to get the best results from your tattoo removal. Most patients say that the laser treatment feels similar to getting the tattoo. It is not very uncomfortable and you can get a topical anesthetic to reduce any discomfort that you feel.

    What You Can Expect
    Laser tattoo removal is a safe way to get rid of ink that you no longer want. It effectively targets the tattoo and does not disturb the areas around it. Depending on the size, color, and detail in your tattoo, you will probably have to go in anywhere from 3-9 times to successfully remove the entire thing. Each time you go in, the laser professional will look at the area to determine how many more treatments you will need for the best results. After the procedure, you should care for your skin the same way you did after you got the tattoo.

    If you are interested in laser tattoo removal, Aurora Medical Spa can help. With some of the best laser treatments in St. Louis, we help you get clearer, tattoo-free skin. We also offer laser hair removal and other treatments like JUVÉDERM and Botox. To learn more about these and other treatments, visit us online or call (314) 315-4574.

    Stop Making Acne Worse!

    Last updated 14 days ago

    If you suffer from acne, certain behaviors can make it worse. From your makeup to your face washing routine, your daily habits could be increasing your skin issues. Keep reading to learn more about what you can do to improve your skin instead of making it worse:

    Washing your skin too often with the wrong products could dry it out or increase oil production and instigate your acne symptoms. You should only wash your face twice a day to get the best results. If your hair is oily, it can clog your pores and increase your risk for acne. Certain clothing, hair products, and makeup brushes can also lead to acne.

    If you want to improve your skin, come to Aurora Medical Spa for laser acne treatments that can clear up your complexion. We also sell a wide range of products like purifying foaming wash, sensitive skin cleanser, and skin polisher to help you target your trouble areas and get better skin. For more information on our products and services, visit us online or call (314) 315-4574.

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